November 25th, 2004


he died.

I just killed Ross, my main character.

I still have 16,913 words to go.


(More on this in a few hours.)

"I may be human, and I may be a total wimp," he said, holding up his arms into a position that he had seen on more than one video game, "but I will not let you scare me!"

Unfortunately, Ross's last thought as the thing ripped his throat out was, "I shouldn't antagonize things that scare me."

He died.
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consider it dug

tried to wash your trace off my skin

It is an extraordinarily obnoxious time to be awake, but I slept for most of the day yesterday, so I don't especially care.

Today's word count: 4394 (since 10pm... could be better)
Total word count: 35515
Should be at: 40001
Variance: -4486

This is the closest I have been to being on target since... let me check my spreadsheet... the ninth. If I keep catching up at the rate I have over the last few days, I should be on schedule by Saturday, and finish the 50,000 words by Sundayish. Note that I did not say "finish the novel" - no, that won't be happening until (at my best guess) 70,000 words. After that will come two more truly exciting (*stabs self in the eye*) books. This will never end.

So I had Ross huddled up on a bed with the Invisible Monster right next to him. I was planning on having Ross kill the Monster one way or another, but... it just wasn't the right time. So I had the Monster rip his throat out. Don't worry, though... since he was in a universe a few over from ours and to the left (at the Milky Way turnpike), he came back to life. And he's out to get the Monster with a sharpened stick and a death wish. Oh, how I love that boy!

Thanatos and Petroula are currently in the tunnel system. They have been attempting to get to the DW for the last, what, 20,000 words? Yeah, that isn't happening for a while. I accidentally let them have a Moment: they held hands, and Petroula's was tingling afterward. And he's her uncle. Um. Oops? Oh, how I love my demi-/Beings!

I'm really fond of my characters this year, even though Petroula is growing increasingly wimpy (ugh, she has no Buffy to take after in her world), and Thanatos is, well... Thanatos. Ross rules. If only I could figure out what Real Life (tm) person he takes after. He needs to stop taking off his shirt, though. That's annoying me. ("Gee, I think I will get more SUNBURN, because my Scots Irish skin only burns after two seconds in the sun! :D:D!") Beyond that... oh, how I love my characters!

Damn, I'm a good writer. In fact, I daresay that I kick ass. (This is a rare moment of pure self-adoration. This will not be happening when I'm on word 64,571. Trust me on this.)

I'm looking forward to writing something else after I finish this book. Of course, I really want to finish up the trilogy, but I plan on taking a break from it for a while. I'm thinking that I'll write that lovely dystopia novel that I've been obsessing over for a while... with dragons. And unicorns. Ooh, unicorns.

Okay, I am so tired I am beginning to talk about unicorns. I shall go to bed now. Good night... morning... or, er, whatever.
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