November 24th, 2004

consider it dug

can't live. with. out. you.

Annoying: my father was watching porn on HBO (one of those XXXtravaganzas or whatever) while I was in the room. And my mother was in bed, asleep. Actually, that's not so much "annoying" as "truly disgusting". I SO did not have to learn that my father has something resembling a sexual appetite. I mean, yeah, I kind of knew that they had to have had sex at some point... but ew.

I'm struggling with my writing. I wrote 1300 words earlier today, in the half hour before I went to the dentist (no cavities), which brought me past 30,000 words... but I'm still struggling. In the last three days (er, four, or whenever I began this big writing streak this week), I have switched from loving the writing-about-Ross scenes to loving the Petroula/Thanatos scenes, and back again. I mean, Ross is about to defeat (or be eaten by; I still haven't decided yet) a giant Invisible Monster! Who chops nipples off women and removes the eyes from children! (That's the symbolism, folks. Not to mention how the children were on the left side of the door ways...) How the hell could I possibly write about the ever-so-intricate tunnel system of Eldoon?

That reminds me. I wanted to write about the importance of names in this story.

Frankly, they aren't important at all. The main characters (Ross, Petroula and Thanatos) had their names chosen because a) I like them and b) they just work. Everything else? No rhyme nor reason. Except for the place names. They have some importance. Thus: my unofficial name index.

Sitnalta, current home of the Beings: Atlantis, backward
Eldoon, random country: Noodle, backward
Mount St. (wait for it...) Neleh, a volcano: Helen, backward
Ipla, mountain range: Alpi (Italian for "Alps") backward
Itimolod, mountain range: Dolomiti (Italian for "Dolomites") backward
Seeneryp, mountain range: Pyrenees backward

The Official Portal System name was "Universal Transport System", or "UTS". I wanted UPS (Universal Portal System), but I thought that that was too pathetic.

Obviously, I will be changing the majority of names in this story.

Anyway, I would like to kill off some more people, since Ross (my currently half-nude, half-dead, half-dehydrated hero) still hasn't met Petroula (currently: nice-little-girl, potential love interest, and former snarky-bitch-from-hell [oh, what happened, Petroula?!?! You used to be so witty! Now, you're boring!]) and Thanatos (my currently far too cold, boring, stereotypical death god; he should be nice, seductive, and funny). 31,000 words in, and my main characters still haven't met. I mean, yeah, this is going to be a trilogy... but seriously, now! There's no need to stretch their meeting for THIS long! (Then again, considering how they won't be meeting until the 50,000th word or so, give or take, I shouldn't be complaining quite this soon.)

Ugh I have spent the last 20 minutes writing this journal entry in lieu of writing my goddamn novel. I think that maybe I can take a break until morning. I want to go for another 6000 word day tomorrow (and, hell, for the rest of the week, since I have nothing of any importance to do for the rest of this break).

One of my Big Novel Secrets: Thanatos will soon be known as... wait for it... Nathaniel Hawthorne. "Nat" for short. HAHAHAHA bitches. My main character's response (presumably, anyways):

Needless to say, Ross looked taken aback. His mouth fell open and he jumped backward, slamming into the wall, which he furiously clutched. "Nathaniel Hawthorne?" he asked in pure, unadulterated horror.

"Yes," Petroula said, elbowing Thanatos. The Being gave her a cold Look. "He goes by Nat."

"But- but-" Ross spluttered, his face becoming the shade of a tomato. "How could your parents have been so cruel?"

Petroula and Thanatos both had bemused looks upon their faces. "Why?" Petroula asked. "What's wrong with his name?"

Ross began to look more and more like he was having apoplexy. "Nathaniel Hawthorne was the result of God's hatred of every English student who went to my school," he said. His face began to clash with his hair. "And you are honestly telling me that you have no flipping idea of who Nathaniel Hawthorne was? You're kidding me, right?"

Getting the evil eye from Petroula, Thanatos smoothly responded with, "No, I am right here. I go by Nat though."

The red head's eye began to visibly spasm. "Is something wrong?" Petroula asked, concerned. "Your eye is twitching."

I don't know why that amused me so much.
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