November 23rd, 2004

this is me


12:45, right after I wrote the second most grotesque thing I have ever written: HAHA I'M SINGING ALONG TO TRANCE MUSIC AND I JUST WROTE SOMETHING UTTERLY REPREHENSIBLE AHAHAHA

I would also like to state that really, really gross scenes are fun to write. And they eat words up like a mofo.

People killed thus far in the making of this novel: the citizens of one town (maybe a hundred people), one from natural causes, and a few who had been hung (maybe ten or twenty).

I have the god Being of Death as one of the main characters. Of course there is going to be more deaths!

Also, the following passage is chock-full of symbolism. Thus... English APers (and, er, English majors), read to find all of it! It'll be fun. I promise. (If you have nightmares, I am not responsible.)

Collapse )

Today's word count: 3748 (since about 11pm)
Total word count: 28850
Should be at: 36668
Variance: -7818

Eh, didn't hit my goal for the day, but I wasn't really expecting to. As long as I keep this pace up for the next few days, I should be able to make it. (More blood and agony scenes? Of course!)
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