November 22nd, 2004

consider it dug

problem? me? of course.

I hit my goal. :)

Today's word count: 6055
Total word count: 25102
Should be at: 35002
Variance: -9900

Okay, so my word count isn't that great... but I not only smashed my record number of words in a day for this year (which was on the seventh, with 3781 words), but I beat last years record, as well... and I hit 25,000 words. My variance is back into the four digits! Woo!

And wow, crazy ass stuff happened in the last 6000 words. A miscellaneous monster, bloody eyes, Thanatos, a death, a fun city, a marketplace, and, the best of all - MORE DANGLING BODIES!

I get far too giddy about dangling bodies. Hmm.
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this is me


I am pleased to inform you that you qualify for the following scholarship funding from Indiana University for the 2005-2006 academic year:

$6000 IU Faculty Award - available on a $750 per semester basis for up to 8 semesters


Now... my midday nap (I am so taking advantage of my free time this week), followed by a shower and a shave, a few hours of writing, and parent/teacher conferences. And then more writing. If I make today's goal, I'll update promptly, of course.
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