November 21st, 2004

no fear

defenstrate myself

I have spent the whole day writing, writing, writing (and procrastinating like a mofo in the process). I was in the basement for a while, in my bedroom for an hour or so there, and now I'm at the computer, trying to shovel all that I can onto a piece of paper from my brain.

I have a Certain Goal for the evening, but I don't know if I'll reach it... so I won't mention it. Needless to say, not having written in a week has taken its toll on the number of words I have yet written.

I should be writing. If I reach my Goal before I go to bed, I'll post about it. If not... well, yeah. Here's to accomplishing a few billion words before the 30th.

well i've been in heaven since i walked away
i never thought that i could feel as great as i do today
'cause you were nothing but a waste of space
and life is wonderful now that i'm over you
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