November 19th, 2004

furious angels

reachin' out

I should really be doing my Bio lab write-up.

The French test went swimmingly. Biology made me want to cry. Dammit, no matter how much goddamn effort I put into that class, I always fail miserably. I will never raise my grade to a B.

I'm thinking about going to the Battle of the Bands tonight, since Alma was all "Come!" I was all "Um hmm let me see if I can get someone to come with." So I need someone to hang out with, since I don't want to stand around all on my lonesome. It's at 7:00, five bucks. IM me if you want to come with me. :(

I really like this song, even though it's all Christian-y and preach-y and yeah. It's good.

That's all.
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    Warren Barfield - My Heart Goes Out