November 15th, 2004

consider it dug

give in to me

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Well. That was thoroughly distressing.

There were a few good quotes today. From Steve, in Italian: "It's like Jesus bread, but candy!" (Referring to some sort of wafers.) From Mr. Krasinski, in Biology: "This unit will be pretty boring, since there's no sex." Me, in response to Ewelina's babbling in Physics: "*vacant stare*"

I will make up my French test tomorrow, during third period; my Physics test after school on Thursday; and I will be going in every day during third period this week to Visit with Krasinski to, you know, see if I can actually get above a D on Friday's test. I will also be violated in the most crass, humiliating ways possible. I CAN'T WAIT!

I need to finish doing nothing and go write.

I shall now leave you with 3/4ths of the last chapter. And if you twats don't make the connection between The King and a certain King from Tennessee, I will stab myself in my eye.

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il pleura dans l'herbe.

I posted this back in May and I'm pissed off and feeling shitty so here it goes again. If you don't understand what it says, I would suggest that you drop whatever shitty ass language you're taking and learn French. Because, dude, it's frenchtastic.


Le petit prince traversa le désert et ne rencontra qu'une fleur. Une fleur à trois pétales, une fleur de rien du tout...

- Bonjour, dit le petit prince.

- Bonjour, dit la fleur.

- Où sont les hommes? demanda poliment le petit prince.

La fleur, un jour, avait vu passer une caravane:

- Les hommes? Il en existe, je crois, six ou sept. Je les ai aperçus il y a des années. Mais on ne sait jamais où les trouver. Le vent les promène. Ils manquent de racines, ça les gêne beaucoup.

- Adieu, fit le petit prince.

- Adieu, dit la fleur.
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