November 11th, 2004

this is me


a restlessness: But I told Ms. Belden about NaNoWriMo.
a restlessness: I imagine she writes some amazing prose.
mass dynamite: I told Mrs. Farrell about NaNoWriMo.
mass dynamite: I imagine that she doesn't know how to write.
a restlessness: HAHAHAHA.
mass dynamite: I imagine that she knows a few letters.
mass dynamite: Maybe a word or two.
a restlessness: See, Ms. Belden isn't ancient or incompetent.
mass dynamite: Ms. Belden rules.
a restlessness: Nor does she wear too many scarves.

Feel free to fill in the blank:
mass dynamite: I could imagine --- being, I don't know, addicted to kinky stuff. BDSM, pedophilia... you know, the basics.
a restlessness: Dude, I so can see that.
a restlessness: He'd be the submissive one though.

Goal for this (three-day!) week end: 15,000 words. Can I do it? Will I catch up with an extra 6000 words to spare? Probably not. But WHATEVAAAAR. As long as I, like, you know, write, all shall be splendid.

I ordered more Nuclear Red (link here - featuring Laura at the bottom!) and Cherry Bomb (link) from Amphigory. My plan is to mix them together and use half of that mixture sometime later (when my hair fades to the point of no return) and to mix the other half with some conditioner and use it one a week or so, depending on my mood.

I like talking to Mary. It's nice to have a fairly intelligent conversation every now and then. (Disregard the quotes at the top for the "intelligent" part of that statement, and note the "fairly". :P)

In Physics, we are building a tower thing over the next month or so. My partner, who came up to me right as I was going to ask Jessie if he wanted to be my partner - Ewelina. I couldn't say no, you know? I can already tell that my niceness was fucking stupid as hell, since I did all the work all period and she spent the period talking about going to random clubs and slutting it up and buying a digital camera after school and clothing and UGH. I will be doing this entire project with someone I am not fond of when people I like - i.e. Jessie, Camille - are off doing it alone. BAAAAH.

I have come to the conclusion that freshmen are a bunch of little twats. I mean, yeah, I remember back when I was that age - and I feared the seniors. The freshmen this year all look like mice (the girls) and rats (the boys). I am not joking. And they act like assholes. I mean, hi, if someone is superior in every way to you, you should not have a superiority complex. No, that is my duty. I would suggest diving, head first, onto a large block of cement.

Thank you.
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