November 9th, 2004

this is me

facing down

WOO for being sick and falling asleep in front of the computer and waking up and probably not falling asleep until two in the morning because MY LIFE SUCKS.

I am about to introduce a death demi-god (well, depending on my mood) in my story. I need a name. I was leaning toward Jonathan ("Jon" for short) for a while, but then I began thinking... Elliot. As an homage to Elliott Smith. And the character from Scrubs.

Wow, am I ridiculous.

Since I am getting ready to write particularly early (compared to last night's 11), I am going to aim for 2500-3500 words. I want to catch up, dammit, and if I don't get writing, it will never happen. I am done with chapter five, which is good. Well, okay, it isn't that good because it was how far I had managed to plan up to. From here on out, I'll be winging it. I know what I want the end of the trilogy to be, but not much else. (Will this even end up as a trilogy? At this rate, probably not.)

I need sleep.

After I hit 14500 words. (But then, if I aim for that, maybe I should just aim for 15000... we'll see. Muses, don't fail me now!)
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