November 8th, 2004

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So I received a post card in the mail today.

Let me backtrack a bit. About a week ago, I received a phone call from a girl named Liz who goes to one of the schools I have been accepted to. She asked if I was planning on going there, if I had any questions, etc. I thought that was rather nice - it shows that the school at least likes to pursue potential students, you know?

She said that she would be sending a post card with a phone number to call if I had any questions. Okay.

I forgot about it today. The post card was signed by someone named - get this - "Manda". Okay, maybe I don't have the best memory ever and the original girl was actually Manda, but I have some particularly amazing powers at remembering absolutely ridiculous bullshit and trivia.


The GDA test was - dare I say it - surprisingly easy. Considering how I didn't study (uh, yeah, that was a smart idea), I am somewhat worried about this. I'm getting an 85% in the class, though, which rules like mad.

I have to do my Biology write-up. It was due during 8b. It is 6:41pm. Oops? Yeah. I think I will do it (sometime tonight) and e-mail it with an apology - "Sorry, my internet was down." The Bio room was FULL of flies today. It was getting on my nerves - I mean, when two flies are thumping at each other on my freaking arm, well, that just bursts my wienerschnitzel.

There is a certain someone whom I am contemplating asking out. If only, oh, I don't know... we had a freaking class together this year. Ugh. Whenever we see each other we stop and talk, though, so that gives me some vague semblance of hope. Maybe I should hold off for a while and wait until second semester, so I can ask her if she would be willing to do a certain duct tape prom outfit with me. Hmm. Well... we'll see.

What the hell is with me all of a sudden? I have turned into Mister I-Want-To-Go-Out-With-You-And-You-And-You! It is really freaking pathetic.

I am really freaking pathetic.

If anyone wants to read my really shitty story up to the point it is now, contact me and I'll IM you/e-mail you the link. It isn't good (entirely unedited, lots of repetition and, as Tiffany mentioned yesterday, contains many subconscious nods at Harry Potter), but it is my writing. :)

I should get to work. Dumdumdum.

(Oh. Apparently, everyone loves my hair. As they should.)

Edit: I forgot to add this in earlier. Chua stabbed himself with a pen in Physics, and immediately said, "Don't put that in your El Jay!" I wasn't planning on it, but whatever. Haha bitch.
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One more reason why I am pathetic:

Instead of writing in my story (only 700 words to 10,000, dammit, and I was so close to catching up!), I applied to Cornell College. It was sort of one of my "well, I've already been accepted to four other schools, including TRUMAN [!!!!... I'm still excited about that], and it DOES cost more, but maybe I will get loads of financial aid!" schools.

And then I remembered that the application was free. As we all know, I am all about free stuff... so, well, we know where this goes.

I need to find a small school that has free online applications. Or maybe I should just shut up and admit that seven schools is enough.

Okay, so seriously. Writing. I can do this. Just 2000 words before bed. No biggy.
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