November 6th, 2004

consider it dug

rabid penguins

Here's an idea or two. And a comment.

Handwrite novel.
    1. Downside? Lose the ability to write using my hand (e.g. taking notes, writing letters.)
          1a. I don't do any of that anyways, even though I really should.
    2. Upside? I will be able to be mobile, and take my writing with me wherever I go. I will be able to avoid the damnable distractions of this damn computer. I will be able to type everything up and edit it (essentially adding more words in) when I'm done writing a scene.

Stop h8ing on old plots and keep up with the two (2) that I am already in the middle of.
    3. Downside? Experience With Death will SO not make it to 50,000 words. Sleep Tight definitely will.
          3a. This stupid "writer's block" bull is preventing me from writing anything. Anything that I do write is shit - as is evident from the four pages of EWD.
          3b. I love ST too much - I just can't not edit it. (Thus, why the handwriting is a good idea.)
          3c. With EWD... there is only so much death I can put into one story. And I highly doubt that I can extend a trip into purgatory/heaven/hell/all of the above/none of the above for more than a few pages.
          3d. I doubt that I would finish either story if I do this.
    4. Upside? I might finish one of these stories.

My mother has written more words than I have today. My mother.
    6. Upside? My mother has written something.
          6a. HOLY SHIT.
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