November 3rd, 2004

this is me

i hate myself and i hate everyone else, too

The American public is full of a bunch of idiots.

As of this second, Bush has (according to essentially won. Supposedly it's "too close to tell" in Ohio (the Florida of this election), but 100% of the precincts have voted, with a total of 51% to Bush and 49% to Kerry. Unless some serious fighting occurs, we're stuck with Bush for another four years.

At least I can say that I did my part to defeat that idiot. Wisconsin got Kerry.

Yesterday: I got two hours of sleep, got up at 3:50am, got to the precinct at 5:05, and was consistently on my feet for the next 14 hours. Turnout in the precinct was an amazing 80% (639 voters). I directly dealt with about 618 (those who were not absentee) and had three provisional ballots to do. I was the guy who stood next to the automatic machine and told you how to put your ballot in. I also ran around, helping people, setting booths up, taking booths down, and contemplating suicide the whole time.

I don't have any exciting stories to tell you... Nader's Raiders went to a nearby precinct, but not ours; I got buddy-buddy with some guy who voted for Kerry (shh, I don't know that); the school did not allow any of the pollers/poll workers to use the washrooms during the day, so I held it in for a good 15 hours; one of the women I worked with had a moustache like no other... it was amazing.

I have a headache, my legs and feet are still killing me, and I am coming down with a cold. I hate humanity. The incumbent twat has won the presidency (well, he is "projected" to win). And, worst of all: I have to catch up on three days worth of writing.

I'm staying home.
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once i caught a fish alive

Dear Adam,

Congratulations! You have been admitted to Indiana University!

Four down, two to go.

Does anyone know of a good school in, oh, I don't know... some country that is not the USA?
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