October 30th, 2004

furious angels


Dear Adam,

Congratulations! I am pleased to inform you that you have been admitted to the freshman class at Ball State University.

I now have a choice of where to go. Fan-fucking-tastic.

In other news, I slept from 8pm to 11:30am, with a few brief awakenings. That was very enjoyable.

I need to go do the GDA quote of the week. And shower.

When closing an e-mail that I had been in the process of writing:

"Do you want to send NO SUBJECT?"

My first thought was "Well, who would I send it to?"

This wasn't meant to be understood.
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sticky hands, sticky lips

NaNoWriMo babbling:

Starting Monday, if you don't like reading angsty journal entries, I would suggest that you remove me from your friends list.

NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo.org). Basically, the goal is to write 50,000 words in a month. It's quantity over quality. The rest of your life means nothing during November. It's all about your novel.

I participated last year and won (with the not-so-aptly named School Night). I made it to 50,218 words (112 pages) in approximately 24 days. I finished on the 28th, and hadn't wrote a word for a few days that month. I love that novel. I reread it last week and decided to actually rewrite it - it really deserves more than what it got, which was a very abrupt ending. My characters were fantastic, the plot was reasonable, and I love that thing. (If anyone wants to read it, I do have it on my website... go back to the 11/28/03 entries and find the link. It was unedited.)

I came up with this year's plot in... oh, what was it? July '03, I think. I wrote a few pages and rediscovered it in July '04. I attempted to write a new beginning, failed miserably, and decided to try to save the idea for NaNoWriMo. If I'm able to last through tomorrow, I will have succeeded. The whole story will be rewritten (considering how the rest was fairly vomit-inducing).

Something that I think is unique about this story is that I have never written a word about the plot down. Period. Beyond that one five-page draft, not a single word has been typed, not a single character's name has been written. It has been percolating in my head for a year and some change now - and yeah, I have lost some plot details, but I have decided that writing it down would result in complete and utter failure. I don't want to lose.

The original name of my main character was Haricot Verts - "green beans" in French. I then realized that he would be going by "Harry", and the problem with that is that there is already one too many protagonists named Harry out there. I was out of a name until earlier this week, when I decided to use my character from last year, Giuseppe Rossini. I was then discussing my tale with my mother last night, and realized that the character just isn't like Joe was - he's new, he's different. So... he has a new name. One that will not be typed until Monday.

One thing that has been typed is the name of my story. Now, I suppose I can go into depth on the topic of the title...

This novel is the first in a trilogy, and trust me, it actually needs to be a trilogy - there is no possible way that I could fit everything into one book. The trilogy will be known as the "Nightmares" trilogy. The first book is Sleep Tight, the second will be Bed Bugs, and the third will be Sweet Dreams. I honestly love the plot of the books - it enables me to switch from one scene to another as often as I feel like. There will be mystery, romance, suspense, and all that jazz, and... yeah, it'll be classified as a "young adult" book. Probably. Just... wait.

I will post the link to it after I finish it (in a friends only post, though). I will not be telling anyone beyond my mother of the plot until after they read the book... since I managed to talk her into writing a novel herself (FRESH BLOOD! WOO!), and since I trust her opinion of my writing a hell of a lot more than anyone else.

I don't know why I'm babbling about this before November even begins, but oh well. I have an extra hour to babble during, so I'll take advantage of it.
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