October 27th, 2004

this is me

de rien


The Kerry-phone-a-thon? Well, it was pretty damn awesome. We left Maine West at 6:00 (a half hour late). The bus driver attempted to take a "short cut" to Buffalo Grove, and ended up in Northbrook. We got to the phone-center at 7:15. We went through a brief training session ("HAVE THICK SKIN!!!") and split up. I decided to start off with Kevin. We made our way through two sheets (starting off sort of freaked out... and it got much, much better), and then split up to go after one sheet each, by ourselves.

After that, we went outside, where we thought everyone was waiting with the bus. Well... it turns out that the bus driver hit a car as he was pulling out of the parking lot. We were ready to leave at about 8:30. We actually left at 9:30 - when that same bus driver showed up with a new bus. That was classic.

I hung out with Paula and Supriya. That was pretty nifty. "So that's what a junior is!"

My day, beyond that? Well, I'm getting an A in English (92.7%)... my edited Oedipus study guide was raised from 87 points to 99 (out of 105). We began the photosynthesis lab in Bio, and since we began early, we began to get a bit... bored. So we (myself, Kamil, Ronnie, and Blaire) began to attempt to throw a paper plane into a fishtank. Blaire made it and, as her prize, she got to fish it out. We then began to squirt the ceiling and random people with water. That was entertaining... the three lab groups on our side of the lab area declared war, haha.

My adam@plasticbrainscar.org e-mail account has not worked for several days, now. Luckily, I only use it to receive LJ comments (which, coincidentally, I have not received in some time). Unfortunately, I like that e-mail address. I guess my switch over to my atomiller@gmail.com account will soon be complete. Oh well.

I need sleep. Pronto. Off I go...
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