October 25th, 2004

this is me

be wild [erbeast]

One of the funnier parts of my day:

Adam, George, and Chris are all pulling on Chua. Adam is pulling Chua's left arm due west with a force of 500N. George is pulling on Chua's head with a force of 80N. Chris is balancing those forces by pulling on Chua's right leg. What is the direction and magnitude that Chris is pulling with?

The picture had blood and everything. And, the other people in my group being the pussies that they are, they shoved the explaining onto me (who also did all the writing and drawing). PUNKS.

Mr. Fouts told me that my interpretation of Plato's idea of justice (which I was not in class for the discussion for) was "completely correct". Bitchin'.

French test that I did not study for: finished with a minute to spare; nobody else finished, so I'll get it back tomorrow and will be able to go back over everything. I didn't use "aucun", so I'll have to try to figure out where it fits in...

Biology quiz that I forgot to study for until English: third person done. I KNEW IT ALL. Do you know how awesome it felt to have some semblance of knowledge?! Oh, Mr. Krasinski! How much I loatheve thee!

One week until National Novel Writing Month. Is anyone else planning on participating?

I had an awful, awful, awful night's sleep last night. I got to sleep at about 2am and woke up a million times before getting up and staying up at 4:30. My insomnia needs to go away. Now.

I need to go do GDA and English. Off I go...
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