October 23rd, 2004

this is me

problem problem

Election Judge Training this morning, in Evanston: extraordinarily simple... and, well, repetitive. Two and a half hours on the same stuff that the Technical Judge training (from Tuesday) went over. Oh well. I aced the test and made another $50. A huge number of MWers were there... including (at my table) Amanda, Claire, and George.

I got home, helped my parents with that stupid wall that they're building in the basement (don't ask), and... slept. I also ate somewhere in there.

That was my day. Tomorrow will be a Homework Day. I need to do my Bio lab write-up and study for Monday's quiz (on cellular respiration), do my English essay rewrite and my study guide (the one for Death of a Salesman, as well as a few additions to the Oedipus one I got back yesterday), and... something else. I think.

I also have had a problem reading and speaking today. I read a sign on a dry cleaner's store as "abortions", though it really said "alterations". This was made more entertaining by the fact that there was a chain of lights at the top of the window that were in the shape of clothes hangers. I read another sign (which read "Italian Suits") as "Italian Sluts". At one point, when I was commenting on how I felt, I said, "I feel purple." The color purple was completely unrelated to the conversation; it just burst out.

My life is boringboringboring.
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