October 22nd, 2004


stichomythic dialogue is my bitch


- We began watching Lord of the Flies in GDA. I loved the book, I'm loving the movie... I adore that class. I was chatting with Mr. Fouts, and he said that there was a good chance that we would be reading more Plato. Woohoo! (Sorry, sorry, I'm a nerd...)

- Mme Labbe was not in French today, so we had a sub, who was quite possibly the best substitute teacher that I have ever had. I mean, she complimented my French skills! What more could I want?

- I made up my Italian and Bio quizzes during my study period, followed by another Italian quiz during the actual class. I got 100% on all of them. My Italian test average has gone up by about 2% - 96%. Nice.

- I suck at volleyball. I rule at serving. That is all.

- English was quite the class. Mrs. Farrell handed back our Oedipus study guides... 87/105. Oops. She then read the essay question, commented on how only about three people had managed to sufficiently put together the "what" and the "how", and asked what they were.

Lindsay answered the "how" (literary devices), but then nobody volunteered their version of the "what"... so Mrs. Farrell said, "Adam, you got it right in your essay. Tell us... what was it?" I had a completely blank look on my face. "Um, sorry, I don't remember." The class laughed. She told us what it was, handed back our essays, and then had me read my introduction (which, according to her, is the "epitome" of a good introduction). Bitchin'. I got a 5... I made a few minor mistakes which took away from the "excellence" of the paper, and I only have to do one more re-write. Good.

- Physics and Bio were okay. Boring, but that is to be expected.

- After school, on the ride home, Mary Shyne and I agreed to do something to my hair. Someday. Basically, when I get tired of all this hair, she will do a trihawk... followed by a mohawk. And then, when I get sick of that, I shall shave my head. I believe that that is a suitable method of getting rid of my hair.

The Westerner came out today! My column was in it! My column... is behind the following LJ-cut. I dare you to read it. Dare. I mean, it was anti-Bush. What more could you want?!

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Of course, now that I reread over it, there are a number of words that I am less than happy with (I should've busted out my thesaurus), and I still dislike how they edited the "Mexed Missages". I mean, seriously - that was a classic. Beyond that... it's reasonable. Better than Beauvais'.
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