October 21st, 2004

wasn't my bullet

my mind is afk.

My day was alright. I got my homework, turned some in, sat around looking confused in a few classes, got an acceptance letter from a college.


I get home. I see a large envelope on the letter table (which is also known as my great-grandfather's table). Welcome to REDBIRD Country emblazened the front. I opened it. Inside: a certificate.

From the accompanying letter:

Congratulations! On behalf of the entire University community, I am delighted to welcome you to Illinois State University. The Admissions Committee has just completed our review of your application and personal statement. Your outstanding achievements impressed us and have earned you a space in the Fall 2005 freshman class. You have been admitted into the French major.

I feel validated. I have not wasted four years of my life. I have somewhere to go after high school that is not Oakton. It might not be my first choice... but hot damn. I kick ass.

One down, seven to go...
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