October 19th, 2004

this is me

the dalai lama lives in the 'hood.

I stayed home. Basically, all I did with my day was catch up on sleep (and yeah, I know I only lost sleep one night this week... so what?) and read really strange pairings in the Harry Potter universe. Like, Hermione and Snape. And Harry and Snape. And random pairings that seemed absolutely bizarre that I don't think I'll go into right now.

I went to the Technical Judge training. I had no clue where building C (or, hell, where room 1606) was, so I was lucky when I saw a sign the second I entered the building - it was right around the corner. I was one of the first people who showed up.

I was one of the only people below the age of 55.

I was one of two teenagers - Eli S. being the other one.

So it was pretty, well, lame. The test? 10 questions. I passed it, thank god. And then I ran to the car and zipped home. And now I have decided not to go to school tomorrow... actually, I could probably go to school, but frankly, I don't give a damn. I still feel shitty. It's my senior year. I have no [important] tests tomorrow. I. Don't. Care.

Reading and sleep shall now occur.
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