October 18th, 2004

this is me

the divine

Hmm. I won't be going to school tomorrow, due to the following:

a) it hurts to breathe.
b) I am exhausted.
c) I feel like crap.

Yay! No studying for Biology or doing the GDA reading!

Oh, and I have decided to apply to a total of two (2) more colleges: Cornell College and Kalamazoo College. The rest of the colleges I took off due to, well, various reasons that I don't really want to go into right now. With these two schools, I will only need recommendations to Kalamazoo. Okay.

There truly isn't anything like waking up at 2:21 in the morning because a certain cat is playing tag with a waterbug (aka, a smaller cockroach).

I shall now go read and/or sleep. Have fun in school tomorrow, kiddies.

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