October 16th, 2004

this is me


I went to Chicago today. It was cold. And windy. And I now have doughnuts.

Being the loser that I am, I did homework last night (Bio, English) and more homework today (English). Tomorrow will be even more homework (English, Physics). I am so ridiculous. Homework. PAH. How, exactly, do I manage to exist?

I also assisted cleaning the upstairs bathroom. It no longer has 1927 types of mold! That was very exciting. The purple refused to come out of the shower curtain/bath mat.


My mother has been going on about how she liked my hair better when it was an unnatural color. None of this blond for her! So now she wants me to dye my hair tomorrow, but I wanted to leave my hair alone for longer (and continue conditioning like wo). So yeah. When y'all see me on Monday, my hair will probably be a new color, since my assistant will probably refuse to dye it any later than tomorrow.

Glazed blueberry doughnuts are godly. That is all.

Also: I'm calling in all debts. If you owe me money, pay it back ASAP (preferably within one week). If you borrowed a CD/video/book/whatever, I want it back. If you know you owe me something but you don't know exactly what, ask. Sorry, but I'm in desperate need of money... and I just want to have all my crap back.
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