October 15th, 2004


fuck yeah.

GDA grade (without US News quiz and extra credit): 83.9%
GDA grade (with US News quiz and extra credit): 87.5%
Grade on GDA test: 35/50 (yeah, yeah, it's bad... but not that many people did better - plus there's the fact that I did no textbook reading during the unit and didn't study for the test)
Grade on French quiz: 46.5/50 (3 points better than Kevin and Alma, fo sho)
Grade on Biology test: 66.7% (!!!!!!)
Biology grade: 67.9% (with the addition of this lab write-up, my grade should raise to a high C)

I'm movin' on up.

I struggled through my Bio lab write-up last night (see the last entry) and went to see Mr. Krasinski for help during my free period... he helped me out and told me that if I wasn't able to finish it before 8b, I could e-mail to him after school. So I did. I also e-mailed my quote of the week response to Mr. Fouts and a thank you letter to the guy who donated the money for the bus to Wisconsin.

Mrs. Farrell gave us responses to our journal entries. Basically, she recommended The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky. I went all "wtf" and I am really, really tempted to read it. I mean, it's Russian and it's literature AND it's OVER 800 PAGES, and we all know how I can barely resist books over 500 pages, let alone over 800...

I'm thinking about applying to more colleges. I sort of don't want to do any more of that BS, but I have been on a small school kick as of late... hmm. I have to send my ACT score out, since four out of the six colleges have requested it. But god, I am lazy...

My plan for this weekend: do more relaxing. And read at least two books, including Death of a Salesman. And try not to dye my hair again. That will be a toughy.
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