October 12th, 2004


on why i am better than 94% of the population.

Random mayhem and mishaps from my day:

I got one (1) hour of sleep last night. That is because God hates me. (Oops! Shouldn't have taken his name in vain so many times...)

The GDA quiz was my bitch.

French was boring, boring, boring. My computer in the language lab froze up half a million times, and I finished the worksheet before even half a period went by.

I turned in my UMN application, discussed ACT crap with Mrs. Broska (so it turns out that I really should have taken the ACT a third time, to officially have a 28, instead of just the PSAE 28... gee, thanks, guidance! You're so kind to inform me of this previously!), and went to the bookstore and bought Death of a Salesman, since I never bought it sophomore year.

139 pages. $9.20. WHAT THE FUCK?!?! That is 15 cents per page. That is ridiculous. I like italics.

Italian was stupid ("Gee, do any of you know what a past participle is! We only spent half the fucking year last year studying it!").

I lost 1-23 to Brandon in badminton. And then I beat Emily... left-handed. Hmm. There really is something to this ambidextrous thing.

And then... English. I sat down and the first thing I heard was "Adam's paper." Apparently, someone asked if she had graded our in-class essays from Friday - she had only managed to read the first paragraph of the top paper, which was mine. She said that it was "very good". And then she handed back our Color Purple re-writes, and two examples. My paper was one of the examples. Man, that made me happy... even though she virtually destroyed the entire thing by mispronouncing words every two seconds, and not understanding the word "exhumed". But yeah. I don't have to re-write my re-write, since I got a 5+ on it. Bitchin'.

Physics was askdhadkhk. We had a fire drill.

Biology was AKSDKHKSH. We got our lab write-ups back - 37/60. Eh. But hey! At least my grade in the class has raised! Instead of an F, I have 66%! Just wait until after tomorrow's test...

And then I got home (after viewing Dennis being raped by a box and being asked by some random kid, "Are you gothic?" "...yes. Yes I am.") and had to call the First Judge's person. Since I haven't bothered to write it down anywhere else, my training sessions are:

Technical - in 1606, building C, Oakton CC - 10/19 at 7pm
Regular - Evanston, some random building, 10/23 at 10am

I am looking forward to seeing the money. And, oh, having the job... yeah.

And now I have to study for my Bio/Physics/GDA tests. Well, after I sleep... and re-bleach my hair. Further hair damage, here I come!
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