October 11th, 2004

this is me

i am afk and never coming back

I just finished applying to the University of Minnesota, Twin-Cities as a French & Italian Studies and Linguistics double-major. Six colleges down, some-random-number more to go. Probably just Cornell, though Beloit and Knox may or may not be added. I so very, very much do not want to get teacher recommendations. Oh well.

I did a lot in the way of sleeping today. I slept randomly on my bed; in the living room, on the Lay-Z boy and the couch; and my parent's bedroom, on their bed. I should have, oh, I don't know... STUDIED FOR MY UPCOMING TESTS instead of slept.

I have to read approximately 10 US News articles for the GDA quiz tomorrow. Oops. I should really stop reading them at the last minute.

Something I have noticed as of late (with pretty much everyone - I'm not singling anyone out): the word "prerogative" has been used more in the last week by people I don't (and do) know than I have ever seen before. I blame Britney Spears for this. I mean, admit it - you didn't even know the word existed before the title of her greatest hits album came out.

Okay, enough of this bullshit. Study-time.
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