October 9th, 2004

furious angels


I would have to say that my exhaustion might just stem from the soul, if I believed in such a thing*.

Have I mentioned how relieved I am that I actually have an opportunity to sleep? Weekends need to happen more often. Like, every other day.

That Wisconsin trip could have been so, so much better. Maybe the fact that going through what was essentially the ghetto of Kenosha (old, dilapidated houses; minorities and other people who spoke little to no English [I got my neighborhood because I "knew" Italian]; a number of homes that had a young kid living there [and answering the door] without their parents being home) really didn't help my opinion of the situation out any.

I got another call from the First Judge people. I don't remember if I have mentioned this before, but I signed up (via GDA) to be an election judge on, er, election day. I get $50 for going to the training (10:00 on October 23) and an extra $100 for working at a local precinct on election day. The call I got came right before I got home today - the lady told my mother that each precinct needs a total of five judges: two teens and two adults to represent the Republicans/Democrats, and one person who can do the "technical" stuff. The lady asked to see if I would be willing to go to the training (another $50) for both the technical job and the judge. That would equal $200 for 20 hours of work - 16 hours on election day, 4 hours of training. Needless to say, being the money-obsessed American that I am... well, do I even need to complete that statement?

I need another 4.5 hours of interning for my GDA intern hours. So close, yet so far...

* I should really find religion. This believing-in-nothing-but-myself bullshit is wearing me down.
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