October 8th, 2004

this is me


So Crush1 is NOT dating anyone. Excitement much? Yes. (Like I'll actually do anything about it... haha.)

People really seem to love my hair. I don't. Oh well.

In-class essay in English today. I said what I needed to say, but unlike the last essay, I did NOT write eloquently. At all. What-so-ever. So I have content on one paper, and style on another... now I just need to mix them. (I memorized four quotes for it. FOUR. I rule.)

French and Italian tests were pretty okay. I got a 94% on my Italian test and I got everything right but the damn translation of "some" on my French test.

In gym, we were playing badminton (ugh). Now, I suck at every sport that has ever existed - but wow, do I ever suck at badminton. I was playing against Corbin today, and half the time I couldn't even hit the shuttlecock while I was serving, let alone when I was trying to get it over the net. The next game I played was doubles - I was with Diane against Jason and Jeremy. The first game we lost, 3-15; the second game... I decided to play left handed.

I ruled.

Seriously. I hit the birdie every time and never missed. I practically saved the game for us. It was really sort of funny.

Um, I would just like to announce that god damn, that was a difficult week. I am so relieved that this is a three day weekend. So relieved.
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wasn't my bullet

see/speak/hear no

Dear People Who Decide What Time The Presidential Debates Should Be On,

You should really choose a better time to have your second (2nd) debate. You should know that the beautiful people - such as myself - need our beauty sleep. We have no need for your 8-to-9:30 bull.

The Guy Who Slept Straight Through Your Goddamn Debate

To quash a common belief: I hate Bush and Kerry. Bush is an idiot, Kerry is a douche bag. However, I am supporting Kerry for several reasons.

1) He is not [as much of] an idiot.
2) He does not make me feel like vomiting whenever I see his visage (though it is often a close call).

Reasons why I would not support Kerry:

1) He looks and acts fake. (This is also known as "Being A Politician".)
2) He supports civil unions but not gay marriages. (Because they're just so different.)

Reasons why Bush is an idiot:

1) He exists.

Now that I have alienated approximately 10% of the people who read this journal, I think I shall go frolic away into the... sunset. Yes. Sunset.
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