October 5th, 2004

furious angels

si tu veux...

The funny part of self-hatred is the absolute lack of awareness one has on it.

In other news, I did better than Kevin on a French test. BITCHHH. And I have completely finished applying to UIUC & IUB (including sending out the transcripts).

My official list of colleges to apply to (though additions/subtractions will, most likely, occur):
Illinois State
Truman State
Butler Univerity
Cornell College
Knox College
Beloit College

I applied to UIUC and IUB as a French major, though I was tempted to put down English, Linguistics, and Political Science. Well, that's what double majoring is for. ;)

Just last night at this time, I randomly decided to go to nanowrimo.org and discovered that they redesigned the site. Holy shit! It really pumped me up. I can't wait until November... last year was a bitch, but hey, I did it. That is the important thing. I mean, I have the plot and characters already figured out for this year, I just have to write it. I don't want to fuck up in the middle of this year and never actually write another novel. That would be bad. Very bad. NaNoWriMo version 2.0, here I come.

I keep on randomly writing down what I want to say in French for absolutely no reason. I should probably, oh, I don't know... go do homework. That would be nice. I want to finish my English study guide up tonight, and maybe do my GDA USNews notes. Not to mention the (shudder) Physics (shudder) homework. Ho hum.

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