October 4th, 2004


pride and prejudice, or a lack thereof

Things I have completed today:

1. My Oedipus Rex study guide. 76 questions.
2. My University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign application (plus the professional statement).
3. My Indiana University - Bloomington application (it required nothing but a transcript, but I threw in my personal statement and a list of extracurriculars, since they were "optional").
4. The Pro-Kerry column. Chua is going to have a field day with that bitch.

Things I have not completed today:

1. My BSU/Beloit/Butler/Cornell/ISU/Knox/Truman State applications.
2. My (shudder) Biology (shudder) lab write-up. Shudder.
3. My Physics homework.

Things that may never be completed:

1. Catching up on sleep.
2. ...
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