October 2nd, 2004

no fear

de l'histoire of the family

Hmm. Four and a half hours in the sun and all I got were some nicely tanned arms and a sunburned face. But hey! The Young Democrats made approximately $700 out of donations from the car wash. I danced out by the street with Mr. Mac's wife and baby, Kristi, David, and the signs. That was entertaining.

Mr. Gray had me read a letter he and his Significant Other (Jacob) wrote for their friends and family. It was a big Bush-bashing-fest. It was fucking fantastic. That man rules.

Tomorrow... I will be attempting to go white. I have a bleach kit, toner, and developer. If anyone is willing to give me an emo-esque haircut (à la this, this, or this [oh god I have now lost the opportunity to go to heaven ;(;(;(;(]), CONTACT ME. Okay, so, uh, I want Conor Oberst-esque hair. It'll be hot. Seriously. (Or this guy's hair. Beyond the fact that I love his hair (ignore how I'm actually cruising a rating community for emo kids), he was dancing to Minus The Bear. !!!)

Okay that was too many parentheses.

I'm not going to the homecoming dance tonight for several reasons.

1) I am an elite asshole.
2) I am a pretentious asshole.
3) I am a tired asshole.
4) I have absolutely no interest in the twats who I go to school with (beyond a select few).

I think that that is a suitable list.

So I have been looking through emo communities and journals for good pictures of hair and the emoness is practically exploding through my pores. Fuck. I must listen to something xhardxcorex UNEMO pronto!!!

Okay that's all.
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