September 29th, 2004

every frequency

school you.

French - A (9?%)
Italian - A (95+%)
GDA - A (91.7%)
Physics - A (94.4%)
English - A (95.7%)
Biology - D (62.2%)
3.833 GPA

Obviously, something is wildly wrong with this picture. Fuck you, Krasasshole.

The French Club meeting was today - and sweet Jesus, was it ever lame. 20 people showed up, and I mocked the majority of them. What a bunch of douche bags, I swear to god. IDIOTS. Except for, like, a few Elite.

I saw the admissions officer from Cornell today. She was pretty nice. I like Cornell even more now. Dammit, if only it didn't cost more than half as much as what my parents make each year... blah.

Why the hell are the little twats outside playing (really, really) bad rap music? I mean, I can understand liking rap. Hell, I can understand like bad rap music. But - these are 8 year olds. They don't know the meaning of the word "fuck" and they're still listening to it. What the hell.

In other news, I saw Mary Holler today! Holy shit! That was great.

I have too much work to do. Fuck.
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