September 28th, 2004


you are the generation.

I saw my counselor today. I'll be graduating with four extra credits. Mr. Nagorzanski said that my ACT and GPA will be suitable enough to get me into the colleges I'm aiming for. Excellent. And with what I am planning on doing (majoring in French and English and becoming a teacher one day), he said that small liberal arts schools would be "good" for me. Hmm. What do you all think? Would I be suitable for a small school, or should I aim for something larger?

Oh. And I'll be able to drop Bio at the end of the semester, if I really want to. I doubt I will (if I end up with a D or an F then I'll want to pass the AP test with a 5 to fuck with Krasinski - you know, going out with a bang), but you never know.

Cornell College is visiting the CRC tomorrow! I don't know why I'm so giddy - maybe it's the fact that my current number one school is coming and I'll be able to [attempt to] make a good impression on them. Or maybe it's just the fact that I'll get to miss English for it. Haha thank god.

Okay, so say I want to do an online application for a school that requires teacher recommendations (Cornell, Beloit, possibly Butler). Should I send the online application in and then ask my teachers for recommendations, or ask before sending? Hell, if nobody answers this, I'll just ask Mr. Nagorzanski when I visit him tomorrow, since my social security number is wrong on my transcript.

I should really, really do my homework. I'm going to do my Physics and GDA [reading] tonight, followed by my revision of my essay, which, even though it's due Thursday, needs to be done tonight (since I want to study for my Bio organelle quiz tomorrow night). And I've been putting off social events in lieu of applicationing it up.

As I wrote in my other journal, the only thing that scares me more than intimacy and/or failure is college. And, hell, the future... but I don't think I'll go into that right now.

Today was Salad Dressing day (shudder). Tomorrow is mismatch day. I will be dressing for None Of The Above - because, frankly, I have no school spirit. I call it Maine Waste for a reason, dammit.
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