September 24th, 2004

wasn't my bullet

hey little sister who's the one you want

Sleep was a huge topic today. Every teacher in every class mentioned it in one way or another; I had full-blown discussions on how little sleep I've been getting as of late. And now it's the weekend, so I should be happy that I'll be able to catch up on it all. And yet... I'm not happy.

I didn't actually begin the rough draft of my Biology lab write-up until second period today; I quickly came to the conclusion that I would just say that I left my paper on my "desk" - which, to tell the truth, is exactly where the majority of my Biology crap is.

I finished my French test in... ten minutes, I believe. The bell which signifies the half-period mark rang about five minutes after I turned my test in. It was pretty easy - the only thing I had trouble with were those stupid idioms. Ugh. I hate idioms. I finished my Italian test in the same amount of time, got 98% on it (making my test average in that class 96%, give or take a point or two), and did random errands while everyone else finished testing.

I answered yet another question correctly in English without actually having read Oedipus. Physics was entertaining. Biology was a lab. I'm still loving GDA.

So, going back to the "sleep" thing, I have college applications and essays this weekend. I need to catch up on Biology (the write-up and studying in general) and English. I have random Physics homework. Yom Kippur is tomorrow, so my father will probably be insisting that I do absolutely nothing to speak of. In between all of that BS, I need to catch up my sleep. Something will not happen. Can you guess which?

I would just like to say that I belong in the 1960s. From my perceptions of that decade, I would have fit right in. And, hell, even if I didn't fit in, the music would have been adequate enough to properly survive.
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