September 23rd, 2004

this is me

you do not equal rocking my cock[ing]

I love how my crushes are rapidly becoming fewer and fewer. I don't know why - they all act and look exactly the same as they did last week at this time (and, hell, at the end of last semester), but I am just not attracted to them. Any of them.

There truly isn't anything like a lack of a sexual drive.

In other news, today was yearbook pictures. I missed part of GDA (where I spoke up approximately 5+ times) for French Club, part of Italian for Scholastic Bowl, and part of gym for Italian Club. At the French Club meeting this morning, 17 people showed up, and I know of at least four who meant to go but forgot/weren't able to get there. Of course, I had to talk in front of them all about the club, but whatever. !!!

I got a 5 on my English essay! Okay, so this isn't a great score - but on this grading chart, it is. The highest you can get (for the first quarter) is a 6... then the 5... and then it's 4, 4-, 3+, and it keeps up like that until 1. Apparently, my introduction and conclusion kicked ass, but my body paragraphs were "lacking". OH WELL.

I'm working on fading my hair. I used some soap on it (which I coughstolecough from the hotel over the weekend), which took a good portion out, but some of the blue is refusing to fade. Dammit, I will go white this weekend. I will!

I am no longer functioning. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
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this is me


I really like my response to this week's quote of the week in GDA, so I think I'll post it.

"Every generation needs a new revolution." Thomas Jefferson

For our great-grandparents, it was World War I, prohibition, and the emergence of women's rights. For our grandparents, it was the Great Depression and World War II. For our parents, there was the landing on the moon, JFK's death, and the Vietnam War. For us - well, there's 9/11. However, while Jefferson was probably referring to the actual revolution, his statement can now be taken to a whole new level. A "revolution" can be anything that affects a great number of people in one way or another (hence the aforementioned examples), but it can also be a radical change that occurs as a sort of evolution over the years. Obviously, our parents weren't the same as us at our age - something changed over the years - something which has enabled us to act as we do now (beyond the typical teenage apathy, of course). Our generation (Y, or Z, or maybe we're on to numbers by now) has a distinct taste of its own, and it will leave its own mark on the world, just as our parents' generation did, and our grandparents' before them. To get to the point where we are now required revolution after revolution - another new fad, another new style of music, another new frame of mind; these mini-revolutions define us as a people, as a generation - and as we age, the next generation will come into its own as a beginning and an ending to this never-ending cycle.

oh god I'm getting philosophical WHY AM I NOT IN BED RIGHT NOW?!?!
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