September 21st, 2004


hip schtick

I am so worn out.

The Bio test went surprisingly well. The essay was on the importance of - wait for it - CARBON! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I was grinning like mad as I wrote it. The multiple choice was, uh, less than optimal... but whatever.

I'll be going in at 7:15 tomorrow to go over my GDA test (39/45... the class average was 33. Hahaha I rule) and I have an Italian Club meeting at 7:30.

Italian. Oh man. The class is split into "families", or groups, right? So my group is myself, Tabitha, and Ivan. Ivan wasn't there today, so it was just me and Tabitha (take that, grammar nazis). We had to do a review game on the board; basically, we had to translate Italian verbs into English without using our notes. Each person from each group had to take a turn to do this.

At the time, Tabitha hadn't realized it, but she volunteered to be the scorekeeper. So I was the team.

Out of approximately 24 verbs given, I (with the occasional bit of coughcoughhelpcoughcough from Tabitha) got 22 correct. The next group down got 19.

Almost singlehandedly, I beat a group of native Spanish speakers.

You know I kick ass.

French was really lame today. We had this bitch of a substitute who kept on randomly adding -ique to words (performique, dramatique) and was a general asshat. Dee, my partner, had to go to the nurse, so I had to do our dialogue. By myself. O, how lovely it was. We didn't even have to do the damn dialogue today! Ugh.

That is pretty much all. I'm still procrastinating (gotta study for my French & Italian test make ups, the Bio quiz that's later this week, my Physics/GDA/Bio homework... etc), and I'm still going to put it off. Procrastination is my middle name.

Ughughugh I hate everything.

Sorry about how boring this entry is. I'm just a generally boring person.

The hip thing to do:

Dear Life,

Stop making me want to kill myself.

Love and kisses,
Your Bitch
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