September 19th, 2004

no fear

so i'm back.

I wasn't forced to harm (and/or maim) my parents. Much.

This trip was the farthest west I have ever been. I saw the Mississippi, which was just awesome, and Iowa is such a better state than Illinois. And Indiana. And Ohio. I mean, yeah, it's the midwest - which obviously means fields-and-corn-galore, but there were hills. And I didn't feel like stabbing myself whenever I saw a field of corn.

The trip there was rotten. I was exhausted as I had barely gotten any sleep Friday night, and I got no sleep in the car on the way there. We pulled into Cedar Rapids and I said, "Hotel," and we pretty much decided that we were only going to see Cornell College. So... no Knox, ISU, or UIUC. Oh well.

So after a few hours of sleeping and eating, we headed about 20 miles out from Cedar Rapids and into Mount Vernon, which is where Cornell is located. It is a small town - approximately 3000 residents, plus another thousand and some students. I quite liked the town and the campus, and the school just kicks butt.

Since we weren't in the mood to go back to the hotel, we drove into Cedar Rapids, which is a city that is maybe a tenth of the size of Chicago, if even that large, and completely empty - on a freaking Saturday evening. We were driving through and saw a sign for Coe College - a college that had been on my list for a few weeks a few months ago. We did a "drive-by" - very nice campus in a nice town, but I just don't like the offered academics (i.e. one professor of French). And then we went back to the motel.

The motel sucked ass. The sheet on my bed had a large, distinctly yellow stain. Other chaos occurred. So it goes.

And then we came home this morning. And now I'm reading fanfiction and studying for various tests (sigh). I should really begin on some essays... ho hum. Maybe tomorrow.
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