September 16th, 2004

this is me

thoughts of college

Even the thought of college makes me want to cry.

- UIUC, get your damn online application up. Bitch.

- I don't want to write personal statements and essays and all that bullshit, dammit! I don't! Well, at least half the schools on my list accept the Common Application...

- Who am I going to ask for recommendations? I know that I will definitely ask Mr. Gray, since he's great and I had him for English 1 and English 3 Accel, but who else? I was going to ask Mrs. Ryken, but she's on maternity leave... maybe Mr. Kay? One of my language teachers? Argh.

- I have too many schools on my list. The current count is 14 - four safeties, seven matches, and three reaches. My actual plan is to go in an absolute I-want-to-go-here-or-else!! order, and applying to them in a sort of order. It'll be one safety, two matches, and one reach for each round - that way, I'll have (at the very least) four schools, and I'll be leaving my least favorite schools for last, when I might not even bother applying. This makes no sense. Oh well.

- I have already made two spreadsheets for college and scholarship deadlines. I am going to be efficient. If anyone wants a copy of either spreadsheet, I'm willing to share.

- Why did I fuck around freshman year? Why? This is making things so much more difficult now.

- Only I would freak out over colleges several months before freaking out is actually necessary.

Oh, and apparently Friday is "senior ditch day (part one)"... please explain to me why I was not aware? I mean, it's not like I'll actually ditch, but it would have been nice to know!
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my hands are raw.

My hands are blue. Smurf blue.

You know you want hands like these. (Pictures tomorrow.)

Mary's hair is great. I'm ditching tomorrow (mainly because I'm going to fail that Bio test, and I am not going to fuck my grade up, dammit). College visits occur this weekend.

The phones are on the blink - as in, we can't call in or in. It's quite frustrating.

My father has his surgery/check up thing tomorrow. Good for him.

Why does anime suck so very much?

I want g-mail. I don't know why. I just do. Anyone willing to spare an invite? I'll give undisclosed sexual favors..! *bandwagon joiner*

Edit, 9:06: I GOT AN INVITE! Thank you, GMail Invite Spooler!

Now, if only I could come up with a good name...

Edit, 9:20:
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