September 15th, 2004

this is me

tacoman: the new superhero

According to this political ideology survey, I am more liberal than the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, and Gandhi. Hahaha.

Since I didn't mention it yesterday... I dyed my hair blue. Well, okay; I put Blue Mayhem over the leftover Pimpin' Purple and expected for my hair to be a weird shade of purple. Instead, it came out blue, with random streaks of purple, depending on the light. I love it - and so does pretty much everyone else I've talked to. Pictures may or may not come within the next few however many days. I haven't used shampoo yet, just conditioner - and the dye has stuck like glue.

On an unrelated hair dyeing thing, Tabitha brought the Deep Purple today! Yahoo! I think I'll try to use up the blue and purples before I go light - I'm thinking that I'll start it off by going green, followed by the orange and red. Maybe.

I helped Shannon post fliers around the Caf for the Young Democrats club. HEY, EVERYONE - JOIN. C208 at 7:15 on Friday. Be there. Loser.

It's really, really pathetic that I actually began to get good at golf when I deliberately made mistakes. Huh.

I don't get English. We paired up (yet again... sigh) and drew out scenes from the story of Dionysus that we were given. An AP class and we're drawing. My partner was Audris, who I have actually heard about for several years and never had a class with until this year (GDA & English). Haha, we both suck at drawing and used hot pink for the title. And Ronnie and her whole thing with the drawing bloody body parts... hahaha.

We kept on making mistakes on the thingy in Physics. It was kind of funny, in a sad sort of way.

The Biology study session is tomorrow. Apparently there will be about 11 people who'll be showing up? Only three from my class - myself, Kamil, and Blaire. Oh, and I'm the Taco Clown, with my salad shooter of (dumdumdum) DOOM.

I got a ride home with Kevin today. That was entertaining. I now know where he lives... bwahaha. TPing? Why yes! Yes, I do think that that's a brilliant idea!

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