September 13th, 2004

this is me


My day consisted of, essentially, worrying and homework. I got homework in every class and I finished it all in Physics, since Mr. Kay wasn't there and we were watching a movie. The worrying had to do with the GDA quiz (easy) and the English in-class essay (eh). I believe that the essay was one of the most eloquent essays I have ever written, but it didn't really answer the questions. Oh well.

I don't know whether I love or hate this week. You see, we have school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but we're off on Tuesday and Thursday. I'm tempted to love it, since I'm exhausted already and catching up on sleep later this week would have been a bitch, but I hate it, since we could've gotten a four day weekend, if the school wasn't run by a bunch of idiots.

I have a storyline running through my head. I am so incredibly tempted to write about it, but I don't know if I ever will. Oh well. We'll see what happens later this week.

My parents and I are doing random college visits this weekend. We'll be doing quick drive-throughs (yet again) of UIUC and ISU, and we'll be checking out Knox College, Beloit College, and Cornell College. Hopefully the temptation to maim and/or commit suicide will not come up.

This is a note to the million people out there who keep on telling me to go to homecoming and senior prom and whatever: SHUT UP. If I wanted to go, I'd go. Yeah, I'll probably regret it ten years from now, but I don't especially care right now, so deal with it.

I think I shall now go to bed. Good night.
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kayti <333

I'm sorry, but this is too funny not to post.

Adopt Your Own Emo Kid!

And, completely unrelated, but I don't want to make a separate post to share this:

Happy 92nd Birthday, Grandpa!

Oh, and he obviously rules, since he likes my purple hair. My grandmother doesn't like it all that much, but I suppose I still think she's great. Sigh.
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