September 12th, 2004



I am so pathetic. (And yeah, I know I start every other entry out with that same saying, but in this case, it's true.)

I'm reading a Harry Potter fanfic (shut up) and a mention of a spell that seals doors came up - "colloportus". I immediately began to giggle.

Coll- is a root word that was on Thursday's Biology quiz, and it means "glue". Portus is Latin, but it's related to several words in both French and Italian - several of which concern doors (portare, un porte, etc). Hence, the sealing doors spell.

Okay, I should just shoot myself and go to bed. Pardon my idiocy...
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hey, wanna throw up? get me naked.

I was asleep for the last hour and a half. I like sleep. After all, when it comes down to doing English and sleeping... well, obviously I have a difficult decision to make. (Or, you know... not.)

I went to that democratic rally today, up in Northbrook. The original reason why I wanted to go was because I was going to be able to chop off three hours from my 15 for the GDA internship... but then I told (as I told Chua) "my more liberal than I am mother", and she decided that she wanted to go. She told my father and he wanted to go. It was this whole thing.

Then came the Student Democrats... we were going to use the rally as a way to try to get Barack Obama to speak at our school.

So we went. I didn't know exactly who would show up from Maine West - I was just hoping that someone I knew (and/or liked) would be there.

We got there. Parking was a pain, but there were a number of free spots open in the back. We walked into the hotel lobby and were immediately bombarded by propaganda. "Elaine soandso! Barack Obama! STICKERS!!!" People were passing out papers on different issues... it was marvelous.

Inside the, uh, room, there were six rows of (already full) chairs and a ton of other people. Around the sides of the room were tables for the different congressional and township districts - Maine Township, 10th Congressional, New Trier, etc. A woman stopped my mother and I (as my father had already shied off to the "washroom") and told us to go buy buttons. Considering how my mother is a fan of buttons and I give in to peer (well, give or take a few dozen years) pressure, we went.

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I was then planning on wandering off to see if I could find someone to get my slip of paper signed to show that I had been there, but I ran into Kristi and her boyfriend. Someone I knew! Holy shit! We talked for a minute and I meandered off.

I then stopped at New Trier's table and stocked up on bumper stickers and pro-Kerry/Edwards buttons.

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And then a number of other Maine Waste students began to trickle in - Christa, Leif, Ben and Kyle. I said "hey" and went and contemplated leaving, since I was so fucking bored. And then the host came on.

He had a funny hat. That is pretty much all I could, you know, see. So, apparently Jan Slichoaw2ryh5amfj was supposed to be a speaker there, but she was called away to help out in Utah. So they called someone else in - "Illinois' Senior Senator, DICK DURBIN!" Everyone cheered. I stood there and wondered why I had come.

He gave a reasonable speech. A few parts were funny. Halfway through it, someone tapped my shoulder - I was all "grr I hate old people" and it was CHUA! That made my day - mainly because I had someone to, you know, talk to. And then Durbin introduced Osama, everyone's favorite terrorist- er, sorry, wrong side of the world.

Barack Obama gave an okay speech at the DNC, but I hadn't really thought that it was anything amazing, you know? Today's speech was even worse, to tell the truth. He was "um"ing and stumbling over words quite a bit. I liked the speech itself, but it would have been better if Obama had managed to quit pausing so much. And then it ended, an hour and a half early. And then I dragged Chua to find the other Wasters.

Our plan was to get a picture of the group taken with Obama, to show to Mr. Fouts, to prove that we had been there. We were right next to him for maybe ten minutes, but when it was our turn to talk to him, he turned around to talk to someone else. And then he left. So the group bitched briefly and went to find the person from Maine Township, where we signed up for something, had her sign a paper with our names on it, and left.

And then I ate dinner. And then I had the option of taking a nap or doing long-overdue English homework. I chose the nap, as I mentioned several paragraphs ago.

I need to do homework.

So it goes.
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