September 10th, 2004


over the body of the nation

I have been getting a ton of compliments on my hair recently. It's really awesome - people stop me in the halls at school and tell me how much they love my hair, cars slow down as they drive by me. I love the attention.

School is going pretty well. I'm getting straight As... except for Biology, which I'm pulling a high B in. We had an Italian test today, which I got 92/100 on, and a Physics "quest" that I (very surprisingly) knew everything on. I have tests/quizzes in Biology, French, English, and GDA next week - and it's only a three day week. What the fuck?

My lab group in Biology is looking like it'll end up being myself, Kamil, Ronnie, and Blaire. I actually have a lab group that contains people I don't want to harm! Can you believe it?

We finished up our presentation in GDA today - I was up right after Karri. It went well; I just read off my sheet and stood around, looking pretty. I'm still loving this class...

I accidentally lost (and then found) my Biology workbook today. I left it on the desk next to mine in Italian. Ten minutes into English (two periods later), I thought, "HOLY SHIT, I LOST MY BIOLOGY BOOK!" When I got to Physics, I asked Mr. Kay if I could go get it... and he let me. Luckily, it was still in the room. I would've killed myself if I had lost it for good.

The Student Democrats meeting went pretty well. I managed to drag Kris with, and Mary showed up. HEY, EVERYONE - SHOW UP IN C208 AT 7:15 NEXT FRIDAY MORNING. I'll post this again on Wednesday and Thursday, and probably make a post in the Maine West community, just as a reminder.

I'm going to a Democratic rally on Sunday... if anyone's available and willing to come with (2:30 to 5:00pm), contact me. It'll be great fun. My parents are going to go, as well.

I'm just going to do my top five songs right now...

Elliot Smith - Fond Farewell
I love, love, love this song. It's incredibly depressing, but it's amazing when you have the speakers blasting. Unfortunately, Elliot Smith committed suicide sometime last year.

Concrete Blonde - God is a Bullet
This is a great song about death, killing, and all sorts of fun stuff. I love it. It is, obviously, a great song to blast.

Promqueen - Dibs on the Wallflower
As all of the songs I've been addicted to have been as of late, this song is great when the speakers are up high. I love the lyrics and the song is so catchy... yeah.

Girls Aloud - Love Machine
Okay, okay, so there's some guy-bashing in this song. I have learned to suck it up and take it like a man... because, in all honesty, this song rules. It's catchy and great to coughdancecough to.

Mousse T. and Emma Lanford - Is It Cos I'm Cool?
Of course, this is catchy. And great to listen to up loud. And fun in general. Er, I don't know what else I should say about it. So I'm done.
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