September 7th, 2004


what do you take me for?

An e-mail from my mother:

I never saw a purple bathmat
I never hope to see one
But I can tell you anyhow...
Hey, wait a minute...I DO see a purple bathmat.

I'm pretty sure this is the first time in my entire life that taking a shower inspired me to commit...eerr, compose... poetry.

[random other mumbo jumbo]

I love you.


P.S. I think the purple bathmat is an improvement over the boring brown with ground in dirt stains.

I immediately went to the bathroom, looked at the bathmat... "Holy shit! It is purple!"

In GDA, we split into groups to do the political parties drawing project. My group consists of myself, Sara H., Karri, and Claire. We have... the Green Party. I actually agree with all of their beliefs concerning religion, but I would have rather had the Socialist Party. Because, after all, Socialism Rules (tm). Mr. Fouts gave back the first discussion paper I turned in and told me "fantastic, incredible job" - that made me impossibly happy, since he was telling everyone else "good job".

I got the highest grade on the quiz from Friday in French. I got 47.5/50, though I should have gotten 48.5, since one of the mistakes the teacher marked off wasn't actually a mistake. However, it was one point, and I already had an A - I didn't see the point in making a fuss. The rest of the class was boring.

I paid for the P.E. field trips during third, and got into this huge debate with Kevin, Greg, and Shannon over Communism. Basically, we ended the discussion with, "Greg is an idiot." The sad part is... it's true.

I still kick more ass than everyone else in Italian.

After Italian, I ran into Diane - and she was freaking out about the field trip in phys ed. Um? Apparently, we had a field trip today... so we went to the bus concourse. And we went to some driving range in Park Ridge (one town over). It was lame. I managed to run into my English class right as the bell signifying that the period was beginning ended.

As always, English was S to the TUPID. The teacher pretty much told us exactly what the final paper was about, and she dwelled on the most ridiculous topic... quilts. Quilts. How the hell is spending three days on quilting going to help me on the AP test?!

I was one of the few, the elite - to get 120% on the Physics quiz from... Thursday, I believe. Friday? I don't remember. I like that class. It was especially exciting when I began to understand those, er, graphs with names that I can't remember. I finished the homework in class.

Biology was joyous. The Biochemistry quiz tomorrow should be a piece of cake. I am, very surprisingly, adoring this class. I should really begin studying for the quiz tomorrow and the quiz Thursday (on the prefixes and suffixes). I already made the flashcards for that quiz, and they're right next to me, so I could probably memorize them as I do my relaxing thing.

Remember those obsessive posts last night about crushes/love/etc? Well, sorry about that. I'm normally this stoic person who really doesn't care about all that, but sometimes, the mood hits and I get all depressed and whine and... you get the gist of the idea.

It looks like everyone likes the purple hair. I've gotten a number of comments that tell me to "dye your hair this color!" or "dye your hair that color!" God, people, if you like the fucking color so much why the hell don't you fucking dye your own goddamn hair? My hair will be whatever color I damn well please, and I'm not going to fucking listen to you!

Okay, sorry. Tantrum over.

I leave you with a comment Kamil said in Biology today.

"Yay! Testicles!"
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