September 2nd, 2004


it's good to warm my bones beside the fire

The only homework that I have to do tonight is to write up a reflection on the discussion in GDA today (which I'm not even sure if I'll do, since I - very surprisingly - spoke during it). I also have to study for my French/Italian tests, but I don't really think I'll bother, since I know everything for them already.

Thus, I have a free evening. My plan? Narrow down the colleges I plan on applying to, since I have 20 on my list and I want to apply to somewhere around seven. To do this, I will be reading reviews on,, and the information given on I'm dreading college. Dammit.

I drew more during Bio. I may or may not scan the comics sometime later... I'm thinking that at the rate I'm drawing them, I should be able to regularly post them about three times a week. Though, uh, I should probably stop drawing them on notebook paper.

I'll be having my hair done by Amanda + Mary tomorrow, after school. I'm looking forward to that. I still haven't decided on which color I'm going to go, so this will be as big of a surprise to me as it will be to all of you.

Today was the homecoming king/queen nomination doodad thingy. I know of at least three people who nominated me for king, which was... odd. I nominated random people. Falala.

Can you believe that this is a three-day weekend? Man, am I ever looking forward to it! I plan on sleeping and reading and relaxing and catching up on Bio. Such plans!
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