September 1st, 2004

this is me

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In Biology, I sit next to Kamil, and a row over and one seat back from Ronnie. Ronnie is big with drawing during class (anime figures, typically, with things like the "circular saw of doom" and such), and Kamil began drawing yesterday (a weird gnome warrior thing and death). Feeling left out of the Fold, I decided to attempt to draw something today.

Now, I'm not good at drawing. In fact, I would have to say that I royally suck - the last art class (not including Photography) I took was in the eighth grade, and we never drew anything. Thus, for years, the only thing I have bothered to draw was the occasional tree and a number of stick figures.

When I began to draw, I had been planning on creating Chua. And mocking him. (Like, the little comic-Chua would say, "Adam is so much smarter than me that it hurts!" or something equally true.) But then my character's build changed (no scrawny weakling), and then I wasn't able to draw the face right (actually, the only thing I suck at more than math is drawing faces). So it's no longer Chua.

No, my new character is known as Evan. And I had fun drawing him. And I will be creating a comic strip featuring him... generally this comic will be made during Biology (and probably one scene at a time), so it should be cool.

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I'm fond of his pants. And, uh, the markings on his pants and shirt are supposed to be there. Ho hum.

In other news, I managed to finish my English during Italian. And my life is lame. And school sucks. And today was an early dismissal day. And during French (where I was also doing English...), the clock randomly began to speed up - as in, within five minutes, the clock read three hours ahead of where it formerly was.

I have created a language journal - basically, I'll write a paragraph or two in English, followed by that same paragraph in French, followed by it in Italian. If you want to read it (or, uh, correct my spelling/grammar/vocabulary, because I really need help), it's at ______riot.

So that's that.
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