August 31st, 2004

this is me

dis shiet iz koo

Shitty day, shitty week, shitty year, shitty life. I am so tempted to stomp around and scream and have a temper tantrum.

Homework is overwhelming. The classes are (mainly) pretty good, but I'm getting such a small amount of sleep that I'm practically dying.

I'm going to leave my English for tomorrow. Mrs. Farrell might have shingles, but I don't think it's very likely that she'll be back tomorrow - from what I've heard, the pain from having shingles is so bad that it lasts for months after you first get it. Is it bad that I'm hoping she's out for another week or two? No? Good.

I'm too lazy to actually do my Bio. I should do it... but yeah. I'll try to catch up this weekend.

During third period, I went to see Mr. Nagorzanski about something that I thought up yesterday, when I realized that golf is really, really fucking lame. Oh, wait - too late! I already knew that!

The results:

The reason I am seeking an exemption from physical education is that the work required for my current classes is severely overwhelming me. I expect that this problem will become worse as the year passes, as, in addition to my classes, I am involved in a number of extra-curricular activities (including, but not limited to, French Club, Scholastic Bowl, and Student Ambassadors).

With my schedule as it currently is, I have one study, which is during third period - this is not sufficient to complete even a fraction of the amount of work that is required for my classes. For that matter, eating lunch is not an option with this period free.

I considered the possibility of dropping one of my other classes, but I couldn't choose between them - Government and English are both required, I must take Biology 2 AP concurrently with Physics 2, and as I am intending to pursue studies in languages in college, I would prefer not to drop French 4 or Italian 2. I am satisfied with and enjoy my classes this year - thus, the only option that I can see is to be exempted from physical education.

While I do find physical education to be very rewarding, I actually exercise more efficiently outside of school. (For some time now, I have worked out at least four days a week, about an hour each time; this workout includes weight lifting, running, and various other exercises. I also walk home - approximately three miles - from school two or three times a week.)

For the above reasons, I would appreciate the opportunity of being exempted from physical education.

Thank you,
Adam Miller

So within a week or so, I may or may not have fifth period free. Does anyone else have it free? Will I have anyone to associate with? Will I be sitting at the end of a table, silently weeping to myself as I berate myself for leaving my gym class - the one that I actually had friends in? Okay, that was just lame. Sorry.

This show (Mythbusters) is really interesting. The offer to dye my hair (or just hang out while I dye it) still stands. I got a new AIM screenname, but I still don't know if I'm going to use it - I still like "massdynamite". Just in case I suddenly disappear for weeks at a time, my other screenname is "ri0tlike". Yes, it's seemingly emo... but it came from a joke I had with Belle, so it works.

I am going to go to bed. At 9:30 PM. I never said I wasn't pathetic. :(
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