August 30th, 2004

this is me

innocents w/o innocence

I am so tired.

What a shocker.

So during GDA today, we went over the political ideology surveys and scored them. To give a little background information, these surveys are just comments on different political situations (gays in the military, banning books, etc) and you put down whether you Strongly Agree, Agree, have no opinion, Disagree, or Strongly Disagree with the statements.

The extreme scores are 160/-160, for conservative and liberal respectively. The majority of the class were all moderate liberals (-20 to -40 or so), with two or three moderate conservatives... and the few, the proud - the really-fucking-left-wing-nutcases. Now, I'm judging these by anyone who got about -90 to -160, so don't feel offended, anyone.

There were four people in the class - one of whom was the student teacher/observer person - who placed into the range. Karri got somewhere around -94, Barry got -156 (which, to tell the truth, isn't really all that surprising)... and I got -118. Haha. I thought it was rather amusing. Who would've expected that me, Mister I'm-quiet-and-shy-and-nobody-knows-anything-about-me would have been so liberal? It was great. After class, Chua was practically speechless, and pretty much forced me to write about this in my journal. And here we are.

I came up with my parents' scores, though... so, just as proof that I am not as much of a wacko nutjob as (I'm sure) you all think I am, my father was -86 and my mother was -128. My family? Liberal? No fuckin' way.

I had far, far too much homework today. GDA, French, Italian, English (shudder), Physics, Biology... once I got home, I did my normal getting-home tasks (garbage, exercising, etc) and hibernated in my closet (which contains my desk) for a few hours, attempting to get everything done. I still have another USNews article to take notes on, I gotta finish up my chapter 3 study guide for Bio, and I haven't even begun that stupid English bullshit. Baaaaaaaaaaah.

I'm dyeing my hair this weekend... probably on Sunday or Monday. Anyone up to coming over and helping out? It'll be great. Seriously. We could do my hair and yours, if you bring dye, and watch the Sci-Fi channel and angst over bad movies. Utter enjoyment. COME ON, FOLKS. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.

On that note, what color should I dye my hair first? I have green, blue, purple, and red. I'm leaning toward purple, but that could always change.

I think I need to go to bed now. Damn. I'm pathetic. 9pm on a weekday? What the hell?
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