August 27th, 2004

this is me

ciao, bella.

Italian test: 100%. Biology test: (presumably, unless I fucked up a question or two and didn't realize it) 100%.

I really, really don't know why I'm a member of a certain Olympic athlete's community, since every person in there is either 1) a girl who obsesses over how the FIG wants him to give up his gold [which is against the rules, but yeah] and posts hundreds of articles about this, 2) a girl who goes on about how "sexy" he is without a shirt [ugh, shut up and go masturbate, you prepubescent twat], or 3) a girl who says the same thing everyone else says in a post consisting of innumerable spelling mistakes. And exclamation marks. !! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! !.

Umumum. I fell asleep (on purpose) at, like, 7:00 tonight. That was nice. Sleep is nice and makes me happy. I miss sleep.

Since I have one week down (well, okay, four days), I think I can officially do this...

GDA: really like. Surprisingly interesting.
French 4: like, but bored silly.
Italian 2: despise. With every speck of my being.
Gym: apathetic toward. Boring, but that's just golf. I'll probably grow to hate it.
English 4 AP: disgusted with/despise. Busy work every single day. Why am I taking this class again?
Physics 2: tentatively apathetic. I like the teacher and what we've done so far (nothing), but I think I'll grow to hate it before long.
Biology 2 AP: love. This surprises me. I am going to get an A/5 on the AP test, though. I refuse to get anything different. You Know Who (yeah, that's right - Voldemort) isn't that bad. Yet.

I have nothing to do right now, beyond sleep. I don't want to get more sleep right now. Believe it or not, I'm actually considering going and doing some homework.

What the hell. Somebody shoot me. Now.

that's a razor, you'll make a threat
that's a razor, make a million billion threats
that's a razor, you'll make a threat
and i won't rest because i've heard it all before

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