August 26th, 2004

this is me

bitch, please.

School was okay. GDA was confusing, French was fun (mainly because I knew all of the old vocabulary from French 1 and 2), a group of annoying sophomore girls stole our table during third (damn underclassmen) and we (me, Kevin, Greg) discussed (read: fought) over homosexuality/politics/religion, Italian was lame, gym was lamer, English was lamest (noticing a trend here?), Physics was a lab (my group consisted of myself, Dexter, and Jesse), and Biology was smashing.

Okay. Now for the important information.

I'm talking more in the majority of my classes... as in, I'm being more (wait for it) social. I mean, I'm talking to more people than I ever have before - even people who I'm not friends with or anything. Sofia in the hallway, Diane and Emily in gym (it was the first time I talked to Emily since, oh, the fifth grade or so), Michelle and Mike in English, Jesse and Dexter (and Michelle, for that matter) in Physics, Ronnie in Biology. Maybe I'm just reading into this a tad too much, but I'm feeling sort of proud of myself.

But anyway, holy shit. Biology was hysterical. Tossing virgins into volcanos to prevent them from erupting is scientifically acceptable! Hahaha. And cloning Ronnie to do it. And the RABBITS! Hahahaha. Seriously. It was hysterical. (Let's not get into the creator-of-the-universe thing. That's even more complicated.)

... yeah, you just had to be there.

I have too much homework. At least tomorrow is Friday. I miss sleep. (Wait... what's that?)

Now. Studying for my Bio and Italian tests...
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