August 25th, 2004


wrong place, wrong time

Stress stress stress stress stress.

Ton of homework today. My favorite class is, surprisingly, Biology - I'm actually interested in what we've done so far and I understand what we're studying... which is more than what I can say for APUSH at this time last year.

I feel vaguely intelligent in French. I hate Italian - and, starting tomorrow, I'll hate it even more, since Tabitha may or may not be dropping it. Discussion in GDA tomorrow. Fun. We did some random BS in English, where we got into groups (mine consisted of myself, Mike, and Michelle), reread part of the "Good Readers and Good Writers" essay by Vladimir Nabokov, and came up with a thesis statement. Oh, wait, let me rephrase that - I came up with the thesis. Haha. And Mrs. Farrell said it was "excellent". I rule. (We then got partners [mine was Kamil] and did random busy work. Ho hum.)

Physics is nonstop entertainment. I think I'll like it this year... I hope so, at any rate. My calculator is dead, after only three years. Michelle sits next to me in English and behind me in Physics, so we've been doing some chatting. Lalala.

I am now getting a ride to/from school with Signore Formaggio. He kicks ass. I stood and talked some with Mary while waiting for him. That was cool.

I've been doing some speaking up this year... namely, in the English group. I actually spoke, people. Do you know how incredible this is? People now know that I have a voice! It's exciting! Thrilling! Amazing!

Oh. Krasinski now has my phone number and e-mail address. Only God can save me now.

god is a bullet, have mercy on us everyone
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