August 24th, 2004

this is me

commercials are boring.

So I have gotten through my first full day as a senior in high school.

I managed to hitch a ride with Kayti to and from school, though I'm not sure whether getting a ride with her is the best of ideas. She's a good driver and all, but I live so far away from her that it's sort of a waste to have her come over here two times a day. I'm going to Discuss things with Kris, who lives, like, a block away. (Imagine what it would be like on a super-snowy day... ugh.)

GDA seems to be a pretty cool class. We get to do internships on campaigns sometime this fall, which will be interesting. I sit next to Claire and in front of Barry. Chua is in my class. Damn. Haha.

French 4. Hahahahaha. Two people in French 4 (me and Alma), and both of us are the only seniors in the class. 11 people in the class. 11 people, and only two of them are guys - me and Jesse. I have a feeling that it will be the same class as always... boring.

I went to my locker and grabbed my Italian/Physics/Biology books before third period. I didn't know who else had it free, so I sat at the table I sat at last year, second semester (with Steve, Chua, Pat, etc) and attempted to work. Dexter ended up having the period free, as does... Kevin. Junior Kevin. Frighteningly intelligent Kevin. He'll be doing French as an independent study during that period, but he'll probably end up in the caf most days. Well, at least I have people to talk to.

I sat with Tabitha in Italian, and we formed a family with Ivan. We are the Pescis, version 2.0. Haha. Italian looks similar to French in that it will be excruciatingly boring/lame.

Senior Lifetime & Wellness looks like it won't garner too much of my hate. Brandon and Steve are in my class.

English 4 AP with Farrell was, um, okay. I don't have any friends in the class, but that shouldn't be too bad. I'm in front of Mike again, and next to Michelle and Lindsay. We had homework, which I did right after I got home. Homework? On the first day of school? Hahahaha.

Physics was snazzy. Chua was, yet again, in my class... as was Jesse, from French, and Dexter. Mr. Kay spent the entire class attempting to learn names. Of course, since I was in Schol-Bowl last year, there was no need for him to learn my name. My nickname is now "Aa". Mr. Kay got strangely enthusiastic while discussing pouring acid into water.

Now, the class I was dreading all day... Biology 2 AP with Mr. Krasinski. I was the first person to enter the room... and I was alone there with Krasinski for a minute. It was thoroughly distressing. I'm wondering what he thought when he first saw my name on the class list... "HAHAHAHA LIKE HE'LL PASS THE CLASS!!" The majority of the class consisted of seniors (and girls). We got, like, a hundred pages worth of worksheets. Krasinski doesn't require us to do any of the work beyond labs and essays, but he does recommend it. Excellent. The bookstore got the workbooks in and gave them to Krasinski, who passed them out. Apparently, I don't have to pay until sometime around September 15? Oh well. I think I'll like the class, because the subject interests me and I actually understood a lot of what we talked about today - quite unlike History last year, where I sat around not knowing anything. I sit next to Kamil and Ronnie.

Chaos occurred after school. Um, apparently the resale shop across the street opened a week or two ago and I didn't notice. That sucks. I should go over there and see if they have anything good that I can waste my money on. And maybe I'll be able to (cough)getajobthere(cough).

Things unrelated to today:

My Color Purple study guide ended up as 13 pages and I finished it at 11:30 last night. I watched Paul Hamm get booed by the people in the theatre (and Alexei Nemov receive a less than perfect score, which I believe was deserved).

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