August 23rd, 2004

no fear

go, team, go.

<td>4</td> <td>Italian 2</td> <td>A212</td> <td>Bradley</td> </tr> <td>5</td> <td>Senior Lifetime & Wellness</td> <td>Spec Gym</td> <td>Marth</td> </tr> <td>6</td> <td>English 4 AP</td> <td>C203</td> <td>Farrell</td> </tr> <td>7-8A</td> <td>Physics 2</td> <td>H110</td> <td>Kay</td> </tr> <td>8B-9</td> <td>Biology 2 AP</td> <td>B108</td> <td>Krasinski</td> </tr>
period class room teacher
1 Government/Democracy Acc. C212 Fouts
2 French 4 A205 Labbe
3 CAF Study CAF ---

I officially have Krasinski for Biology. Dammit. I mean, Biology 1 with him was fine and dandy. Physics 1 was slightly irksome. Biology 2 AP? Fuck. Yeah, I'm screwed.

Since homeroom is now non-existent, the school has decided to screw everyone over and give them lockers wherever they damn well pleased. So I read my locker as B2093, dropped my books off, and left for home.

We were halfway home when I looked at my schedule and realized that I had read my locker number wrong. It was actually B2092, not 3. We zipped back and I ran up to the locker - where a security guard and some (presumably freshman) girl were standing. I told them what had happened, apologized, and switched lockers. I was so fucking embarrassed.

I need a ride to/from school this year, as my relationship with my father has been getting worse and worse lately. Anyone willing? I'll pay money... (Kayti? Is that offer still open?)

So now I am going to go stress and do homework and weep some more.
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